Coteaux d'Aix en Provence

The Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence appellation is located in the western section of Provence's limestone lands. It extends from the Durance Rivers to the Mediterranean, and from the Rhone Valley in the West to the Sainte-Victoire Mountain in the East. The winemaking activity has been concentrated in the sedimentary basins between a series of secondary ranges running parallel to the coast: La Nerthe, La Fare, Eguilles, La Trevaresse, and the Costes prolonged by the Alpilles.


The most prominent characteristic of this region's Mediterranean climate is the northern Mistral winds, renowned for their intensity, which bring cold, dry air to the area. The Mistral also provides the region with exceptional sun exposure, as the yearly average is 2900 hours. Low yearly rainfall - between 550 and 680 mm per year - mainly occurs in the spring and fall.


The following are the main types of soil in the region :
• clay-limestone rocks
• sandy, often gravelly, soil on molasses and sandstone
• cobbly soil with clay or loam-sand matrix on terraces of the Arc and Durance Rivers


Land area: 4,000 hectares
Production: 179,000 hectoliters
(nearly 24 million bottles)
84 % Rosé,
11 % Red, 5% White
The winemakers:
65 private wineries
12 cooperative wineries
Max. authorized yield: 60 hl/ha
Average yield: 49 hl/ha
Drinking too much alcohol can seriously damage your health