Chromatic harmony

Summer is here, and the colour gauge is rising! This summer, make Provence rosé wines the centrepiece of your table setting. Hues are as sunny as Provençal vistas.

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The importance of materials

The current vogue tends towards natural and handcrafted materials, derived from ancient know-how, for greater comfort and authenticity. We focus on four materials you can use to set a stylish table with Provence rosé wines as the centrepiece.

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Household linen

Time to talk cloth... Or, more specifically tablecloths, towels, and tea towels. Let’s look at the latest trends in fabrics for your table. But before setting the table, don’t forget to put your Provence rosé wine in the fridge!

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Choosing your tableware

The table setting often establishes the mood of the meal. Here are a few tips to obtain a harmonious ensemble and avoid a faux-pas when tasting your Provence rosé wine.

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The extra trick to make your table setting shine

In decoration, it’s the little details that make the difference. Be creative, this will put you on track to make your table setting stand out around the Provence rosé wines centrepiece.

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