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Terroir designation of the Côtes de Provence AOC recognized in

The vineyards of Pierrefeu are located in the Western part of Côtes de Provence, bounded to the South by the topography of the Massif des Maures and to the north by the limestone plateaus of the Central Var. There are 12 communes within the boundaries of the Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu designation: Carnoules (partially), Carqueiranne, Collobrières (partially), Cuers, La Crau (partially), La Farlède, La Garde, La Valette, Le Pradet, Pierrefeu, Puget-Ville and Solliès-Pont.

Marine and continental influences

The climate in this sector benefits from the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as continental influences from further inland. Temperature variations are moderate, with the summer and spring months enjoying high temperatures. These vineyards sit at an altitude of less than 400 metres.


Triple geology

The soil of this region can be divided into three main categories: the red sandy-clay soil that is characteristic of the Permian Basin, the stony soil (limestone deposits) of the plains with its red sandy-clay matrix, and the reddish-brown loamy-clay soil of the hillsides covered with schistose deposits.


Association des Vignerons de Cuers, Pierrefeu et Puget-Ville

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