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Roasted red seabream on a bed of vegetables from Provence

2 people

Main elements:

  • Locally fished red seabream (600 / 800g.)

Seasoning elements of the fish:

  • Bouquet of basil, parsley and fresh thyme
  • Olive oil
  • Finely chopped dried rosemary
  • Chopped dried orange zest
  • salt & pepper

Elements of the juice:

  • Tomato wedges (500g.)
  • Garlic (5 cloves)
  • Fennel (50g)
  • Tarragon (few branches)
  • Olive oil

Finishing elements:

  • Black olives
  • Dried tomatoes
  • Basil

Elements of the filling:

  • Potatoes (6 halves)
  • Mini fennel (4)
  • Artichokes poivrades (4 halves)
  • Marrow Flowers (4)
  • Cherry tomatoes (8)
  • Mini peppers (4 halves)

Decoration elements:

  • Nasturtium flowers
  • Basil basics

Make tomato juice: Heat all the elements of the juice with the olive oil, add the tomatoes, cover tightly and bake at 170 °. At the end of cooking, sift the juice, add finishing elements and season.

Prepare the red seabream: Dress the red seabream, empty it by the belly by making a small incision. Season it inside and outside.

Cooking vegetables of the filling: Simultaneously roast the marrows, artichokes, fennel and cherry tomatoes with olive oil separately (180 °). The potatoes will be roasted the same with the cloves of garlic.

Cooking the pageot: Cook the fish in a plate with olive oil in a moist oven (180 °).

How to serve

In a dish, place the fish, harmoniously arrange the various vegetables around the fish. Sprinkle with tomato juice and a large drizzle of olive oil. The fish should be cut into the dressing dish so that the fish juices mix with the tomato juice.

A recipe from Chef Stéphane Raimbault / L'Oasis Mandelieu Photo Hervé FABRE-CIVP