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One-sided roasted cod

White wine
  • 1 cod steak, fairly thick
  • Shellfish (clams or similar)
  • Young fennel
  • White wine
  • Almond milk
  • Tomato syrup
  • Truffle oil

This simple, delicious recipe requires very fresh fish: a fairly thick cod steak, shellfish (clams or similar), young fennel, white wine, almond milk, tomato syrup and truffle oil.

Pan-roast the cod steak, skin-side down, over a very low flame. Open the shellfish in white wine and refrigerate. Cook young fennel in broth, keeping it firm.

Boil a little milk with a dash of almond milk and thicken slightly. Before serving, mix until frothy.

How to serve

Arrange the young fennel, cod and shellfish around it. Coat the shellfish in sauce, and the cod in tomato syrup and truffle oil.

Recipe by Max Callégari and Thierry Diderich – Le Logis du Guetteur – Les Arcs-sur-Argens